Murat Bakan met with Minister of Interior Ali Yerlikaya... Murat Bakan: ‘It was a very productive meeting’

CHP Deputy Chairperson Murat Bakan visited Minister of Interior Ali Yerlikaya. After the meeting, the Bakan said, "We need to be able to solve the problems that we intersect in the interests of the country and that we can solve together. Therefore, these consultations are important for this. Does this prevent us from opposing? It does not. We continue to oppose at points where we cannot produce solutions...There is nothing more correct than the existence of a channel of communication between the government and the opposition of a country. There is communication. This is negotiation. When the time comes, you also fight the toughest struggle."

CHP Deputy Chairperson for Internal Affairs Murat Bakan met with Minister of Interior Ali Yerlikaya at his office in the ministry today. Making a statement in front of the Ministry of Interior after the meeting, Bakan said, "We visited Minister Ali Yerlikaya. We had a very warm, very sincere, very productive meeting. We expressed our thoughts and solution proposals on every issue. I can share this much. I would like to thank the Minister for his sincere welcome and productive meeting."

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