Yankı Bağcıoğlu met with Yaşar Güler, Minister of National Defence... Yankı Bağcıoğlu: ‘’The Turkish Armed Forces is the pride of our Nation‘’

CHP Deputy Chairperson for National Defence Policy Yankı Bağcıoğlu had a bilateral meeting with Minister of National Defence Yaşar Güler today. Stating that the meeting was constructive and productive, Bağcıoğlu emphasised that the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) is Turkey's oldest institution and the pride of the Turkish people.

In his statement after the meeting, Bağcıoğlu made the following statements:

"The Turkish army is in a high and blessed place that is outside of any political stance. On this occasion, I would like to thank our Minister of National Defence, all his staff and our heroic soldiers once again."

Stating that the meeting took place in a sincere atmosphere, Bağcıoğlu emphasised the importance of information exchange and cooperation on national security issues and made the following statements:

"We emphasised that it is important for Türkiye's general interests that we exchange information and cooperate on national defence policies. We stated that we act with a constructive and complementary understanding in line with our national interests, not only to criticise. We discussed developments concerning our national security and important issues regarding Turkish Armed Forces personnel."

Bağcıoğlu concluded by stating that this meeting was an important step in line with Türkiye's general interests and that CHP always stands by the Turkish Armed Forces.

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